Five Great Coffee Shops in Montreal

coffee shops in montreal

The coffee market is booming in Montreal and a number of new independent coffee shops are sprouting across the city. If you are looking to find great coffee shops in Montreal, then you need to explore and consider the following options:

Café Myriad:

Café Myriad is a busy and lively coffee shop that serves a wide variety of caffeinated beverages, from the classic espresso to the subtler syphon coffee. This coffee shop is owned by Anthony Benda who is the finalist in the Canadian National Barista Championship, and Scott Rao, who is the author of “The Professional Barista Handbook”. The staff of this coffee shop is extremely friendly and highly knowledgeable in what they do. The customer service is great and conversations between customers and baristas are often encouraged to ensure complete satisfaction of the customers. If you are in Montreal, make sure to visit this coffee shop.

Café Saint-Henri:

Owned by Jean Francois Leduc, this coffee shop is located in a busy neighborhood of Montreal and close proximity to the Atwater Market, which is one of the Montreal’s best public markets. The owner’s commitment and dedication to the coffee bean is what makes this coffee shop one of the best in Montreal. The owner of this shop lays great stress on using organic, single-origin coffee beans that he roasts himself many times a week in the back of his shop. Also, the diverse crowd that walks the Saint-Henri’s streets is also a major source of attraction for this coffee shop.

Café Falco:

Located in the industrial area of the Mile End, this coffee shop is worth considering. The décor is amazing as it expertly blends loft features such as extra-high ceilings and concrete floors with decorative pieces and warming materials like wood and leather to create a lively and classic space where you can linger for hours. The coffees are skillfully brewed and well balanced. Its healthy and highly satisfying Japanese cuisine served for lunch is also something that makes it an excellent shop. All coffee lovers coming to Montreal should consider paying a visit to this shop.

Pikolo Espresso Bar:

This small and busy coffee shop is a warming addition to the downtown coffee scene and its attractive storefront decorated with dark green wrought iron provides a great visual relief from an otherwise dull looking collection of commercial structures. The owner cares a lot about the quality of coffee beans, and at her coffee shop, the baristas are friendly and highly knowledgeable about the origins of the beans they use.

Caffe in Gamba:

Caffe in Gamba is an excellent coffee shop in downtown Montreal. Embellished with velvet couches, black walls and frilly frames, this shop has an Italian vibe to it. This coffee shop specializes in classic espresso making, thereby staying true to the Italian tradition. The classic espresso is available in the usual classic variations.

So if you are looking for great coffee shops in Montreal, make sure to consider visiting these places. You will be able to enjoy the best coffee and have a fulfilling experience.