Things To Do In Montreal

Montreal cathedral

Montreal, being the second-largest city in Canada, has attracted large numbers of tourists, businessmen, career seekers and others for decades now. There is no doubt that it continues to be the most important tourist destination in Canada. Each year, thousands of Canadians visit this city and enjoy the various things it has to offer for people cutting across gender, age and social backgrounds. It also attracts millions of foreigners from various countries of the world. USA is one such country and each year thousands make it a point to visit Montreal. It would therefore be interesting to have a look at the various things that one can do when on a visit to this beautiful city situated in Quebec province.

Choose The Number Of Days You Can Spend

Montreal is a huge city and therefore if one wants to have a look at the various places of interest fully it might perhaps take a few weeks or even months. Hence, to begin with as a tourist you may have make up your mind as to the number of days you are willing to spend in this city. There are number of tour packages depending on the number of days that you would like to set apart for a visit to Montreal. We will look at a few such places of interest which one can cover on a short holiday.

Three Day Trip

If you are planning a three-day trip to Montreal then here are a few places of interest which could be a part of your itinerary:

Mary Queen Of The World Cathedral

This is an iconic landmark in Montreal and the cathedral was built in 1894. The original structure was built way back in 1864 but was razed by a fire. However, today it is a great place of tourist interest and a must watch not only for Christians but also for people belonging to other faith. This is because of the sheer brilliance of architecture which this cathedral showcases.

Old Montreal

The old Montreal area is known by the name Vieux-Montreal in French. It was a walled area and even today it has cobbled stone constructions which perhaps belong to the 17th and 18th centuries. If you really want to enjoy this area it would be advisable that you either see it by foot or hire a cycle and move around. It certainly showcases the rich history and culture of Montreal as a city and Canada as a country.

Hotel De Ville

The landmark city hall of Montreal is known by the name Hotel De Ville de Montreal and has been classified as a National Historic Site. The city hall has come up thanks the design brilliance of Henri Maurice Perrault and Cowper Hutchinson. Construction started in 1872 but a fire razed the structure in 1922. A new building was constructed and it was dedicated to the people in 1932. It has a historic past and the French President visited this building in 1967 and spent some time in the balcony and it still remains etched in the memory of locals here in Montreal.,86299744&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


The above are just a small list of things to do in Montreal. It has quite a few more things to offer by way of quality food, night life and other forms of entertainment for the modern youth and others with different tastes and thought processes.